The Traveler’s Spotlight: Seaside Siestas and Saltwater Fishing in Akumal

By February 16, 2018Team

The Trip: Akumal, Mexico
The Travelers: Jay Scherrer | Chief Operating Officer


What are two interesting things the average person doesn’t know about traveling in Akumal?

  • How amazing the snorkeling is in the nearby cenotes
  • The ability to “Do It Yourself” saltwater fly fishing in the beautiful Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.


What was the best moment of the trip?

Snorkeling in the ocean with my family, right out the back of our villa.


What was your favorite meal?

Fresh ceviche at La Buena Vida, the best beach bar/restaurant ever!


Did you find any sights or activities off the beaten track? What made them special?

Yes, went fly fishing with my friend and guide at Boca Paila, in the Sian Ka’an. It was only a 13 KM drive from Tulum but the road is so terrible that it takes about an hour to go 13 KM.


What was your experience staying in a professional vacation rental / with our client?

I was fortunate to stay in a villa that Bluetent’s client, Akumal Direct, manages. The villa we stayed in was literally on the beach, the only thing separating the villa from the ocean was our own pool!


What made it different compared to other accommodations you’ve stayed in?

That we never felt like we had to leave, we had our own pool, our own beach, our own snorkeling spot, and our own chef; basically, we were spoiled rotten.


What did you enjoy most about booking with a professional vacation rental manager?

Knowing that when I arrived in Mexico everything was going to be fine. We had no worries about how to get around, how to check in, what the key code was, etc.


What was the most surprising thing about your trip?

When I got into the rental car, which was a pickup truck, I couldn’t get it to start.  So I asked what was wrong and the gentleman replied, “You have to push in the clutch.”  I said, “You rented me a manual vehicle?”  Luckily I remembered how to drive a stick shift!


Did you learn anything interesting about yourself?

I learned that I need to practice my saltwater fly fish casting!  I had several chances at some big Snook, Big Jacks, and a few Barracuda’s that I missed because my casting was not up to par.


What is the next stop on your bucket list?

Either back to Akumal (I’ve been there 4 times and absolutely love it) or Cuba for more “Do It Yourself” saltwater fly fishing.