Brandon Zienowicz | SEM / Strategic  Account Manager

“If you hit a wrong note, then make it right by what you play afterwards.”
-Joe Pass, Jazz Guitarist

p: 704.3255

Raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, Brandon received his BS in Biology from Georgia Southern University in 2007. Shortly after, a position with an ecommerce company opened his eyes to the increasing role and potential that the Internet had in the business world. Brandon began exploring the building and marketing of websites with his brother allowing him to become immersed in the world of digital marketing and SEO. To satisfy a long time Pacific Northwest calling, Brandon moved to Portland, OR in 2011. The creation of a successful ecommerce site allowed him to keep learning and growing through the fast changes happening in digital marketing. The food trucks and skinny jeans however, proved not compelling enough to keep him there forever. After a couple years in Portland and some time at one of the city’s digital marketing agencies, he pursued a position at Bluetent in 2013 to start the next chapter…


Best Part of Bluetent: Doing what I’m passionate about while living in the middle of the mountains.

Pursuits: Work-Life Balance

Alternate Dream Job: Chef/Restaurateur, Craft Brewer, Architect

Inspired By: Culinary and Musical Chops

A.K.A: B, BZ