Achieve your unique business goals

Introducing Bluetent’s marketing strategy packages

When it comes to online strategy, we know what works.

After 18 years, we have a pretty good idea of how to promote the success and growth of your vacation rental business. We’ve now put those years of experience to good use, assembling packages that take the guesswork out of building your online strategy.

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Bluetent strategy packages: the right tools, combined the right way.

After years of helping clients succeed, we developed these three packages around a list of essential marketing tools … rounded out with optional extras.

Essential package ingredients

Each package includes eight strategic components — combined at a scale specific to your unique business goals.

Google Vacation Rentals

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Run-Your-Own Email Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

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Content Creation

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Strategic Account Management

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Digital Advertising

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Upgrade your package

Take your strategy even further with the addition of two next-level features!

Email Marketing Management

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Social Media Advertising

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What package fits YOUR goals?

The Digital Foundation Package


Designed for businesses looking to jumpstart online success with a healthy and diverse digital strategy.


Build your online ecosystem  


The Growth Package


Designed for businesses looking to attract more travelers into their direct booking funnel.


Expand your online presence 


The Competitive Edge Package


Designed for businesses looking to distinguish their brand in competitive markets. 


Increase your market advantage