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We’re an award-winning email team that focuses on creating captivating, engaging campaigns that connect subscribers on an emotional level and thereby drive measurable conversions and a high ROI. We challenge our clients to think creatively and strategically on each thoughtful message while applying industry-leading best practices.

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Bluetent’s Email Marketing Solutions

Bluetent’s ACE solutions are your answer to cutting-edge email marketing for any marketing professional’s toolbox. With a suite of solutions, ACE is designed to provide value to your subscribers at every stage of their interaction with you, from initial lead to conversions and beyond.

ACE Builder

All of the features and technology you need to create great looking, professional email marketing campaigns that focus on engagement and producing the highest ROI


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ACE Marketing Automation

B2B, B2C, and B2B2C marketing automation for  strategic lead nurturing or demand generation to manage leads and increase sales.


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ACE RezFusion Sharing

ACE RezFusion Sharing tool helps drive traffic to your site by allowing your audience to share favorite properties simply and beautifully.


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ACE Booking Abandonment

The ACE Booking Abandonment tool is an email campaign that allows you to re-engage your audience and turn abandoned shopping carts into conversions through personalized emails.


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Bluetent’s Email Management Services

Full Service

We’ll do the work, you’ll see the results. Let our email team craft beautiful, profitable campaigns for you.

Self Service

Create your own email campaigns using custom templates designed to match your branding by one of our dedicated project managers.


Work one-on-one with our email team to refine your email marketing strategy.

Bluetent’s Email Marketing Best Practices

Responsive Design

With 66% of all emails being viewed on a mobile devices, it is more important than ever before to build beautiful emails that adapt to every device. Capture lost conversions with optimized mobile and tablet versions of your email campaigns.

Sized to user’s mobile device Easy-to-read text Easy-to-click buttons Optimized images

Responsive Design

Custom, Branded Templates

Bluetent’s email designers are fluent in beautiful email, and will create a custom look for you and your brand that inspires travelers and drives conversions.

 Custom designed email template  Designed to match your branding  Email best practices applied

List Management, Consultation, and Segmentation

The health of your email list has a significant impact on how well your campaigns perform. We can clean up your existing list, design an enticing opt-in process to encourage list growth, create segments, and maintain your list as your audience grows.

 List management  Opt-in process design  Segmentation

A/B testing

In email marketing, A/B testing is a way to discover which of two or more campaigns drives the most opens or clicks. In an A/B test, we send 2 variations of one campaign to a small percentage of your email list and measure their effectiveness. The most effective campaign is sent to your remaining subscribers, ensuring that your campaigns see the highest ROI every time.

 Subject Line  Images  Discount types  Call-to-action buttons  Testimonials  Time of send  Tone of voice

Comprehensive Reporting

Get to know your audience better with our comprehensive campaign reports. Google Analytics and our additional reporting tools are integrated with each campaign to provide all the data you need to measure the success of your campaigns. With all of this information at our fingertips, we can craft email campaigns that inspire your audience to dream bigger and travel farther.

 Open rate  Click through rate  Top performing time of day  Top performing links  Worldview

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Overall I have been impressed with both the email and development departments at Bluetent. They always take the time to get a full scope of the project or goals; this simple consultation helps to mitigate confusion and respectful of budgets. Our email project manager Ryan Austin has helped to form our email goals based on our ideas and took his care in handling this potentially confusing project to re-engage stale leads. His tips are always helpful!

Christine Strom, Marketing Director | Aspen4Sale

The things to me that I love about Blue Tent are how accommodating they are, they are always willing to do last minute work, the creative work is always above and beyond what we ask for and very timely with responses. Personally, I love working with Ryan, somehow our aesthetics are in sync! When he sends me a proof the creative is exactly what I was envisioning but can never explain it in a word doc. I actually just got a call from the owner, which was a first for me, and he complimented the latest eNewsletter design. Keep up the great work!

Teresa Holden | Holden Marketing Group