Email Marketing

Earn high ROI with email tools and expert strategy made for vacation rental professionals.

Get more leads, send better emails, and drive more direct bookings.

Bluetent’s email marketing solutions are designed to increase revenue
at every stage of the traveler journey.

DIY to fully managed:
email solutions for every vacation rental business


Fully integrated with your Rezfusion website, our email solutions are designed to capture the attention of website visitors, make powerful first impressions, and build your brand.



Our email tools make it easy to create beautiful, branded email campaigns that look great on every device – helping you engage travelers throughout their journey.



Intelligent lead segmentation gives you the ability to send targeted, personalized, and meaningful messages that drive revenue – from nurturing leads to turning one-time visitors into lifelong guests

From the shopping cart abandonment tool that solicits conversions to the meticulously designed email templates ... the Bluetent team really offers a full email arsenal that is built to grow subscribers and offers a streamlined way to transport your web presence to past and future guests’ inboxes.

Caleb HofheinsGreybeard Realty

Interested in driving direct bookings and maximizing revenue?

Bluetent has a package to help with that. 

introducing: Bluetent’s strategy packages

The Digital Foundation Package

Designed for businesses looking to jumpstart online success with a healthy and diverse digital strategy.


Build your online ecosystem  


The Growth Package

Designed for businesses looking to attract more travelers into their direct booking funnel.

Expand your online presence 


The Competitive Edge Package

Designed for businesses looking to distinguish their brand in competitive markets. 

Increase your market advantage