Drive more direct bookings with the only industry-leading eCommerce platform built for startups and small business professionals, Rezfusion Cloud.

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rezfusion responsive booking website

With the booking power of a custom website, $0 upfront cost, is PCI compliant and can get you up and running in less than 30 days, Rezfusion Cloud is built to convert!

Built to Convert

Rezfusion drives direct bookings with an inspiring user experience


Lightening-fast availability search

 Cutting-edge reservation funnel

 Favorites and sharing tools

 Full-screen immersive map

 Auto-correcting zoom

Take Control

Design how your guests search. Select the amenities you with to include without involving a developer.


Fully-integrate with your PMS

View all the amenities available from your software

Select which amenities you want to include in your search

Create stunning layouts with endless opportunities and an easy-to-use content management system.

Landing Pages


Create content pages that integrate featured properties without a custom development team.

Choose the amenity, area, or location, add content, and publish

Valuable for search marketing

Quickly and easily build Landing Pages for email or ad marketing campaigns

Page Builder


 Bring out your team’s creativity with Rezfusion Cloud’s Page Builder.

 Grab a 1, 2, 3 column layout and add copy and images

 Feel free to change your mind and easily experiment with the order of the content blocks

 SEO best practices are built in, so don’t worry and have fun creating stunning pages

Discover Rezfusion Cloud and the Team Behind Our Platform

Our team produced a quick video that introduces and highlights the design, development, and production team responsible for our eCommerce websites and platform tier, Rezfusion Cloud, which was thoughtfully developed for small VR professionals, property and microsites, and startups. We encourage you to take a quick watch and reach out to our team if you’d like your one-on-one tour of the industry leading platform.


Watch & Learn

Industry Leading Features Come Standard

$0 Upfront Costs

Drive more direct booking with less time and money. Rezfusion Cloud is available for a small monthly subscribtion.

PCI Compliant

With Rezfusion Cloud your online business is PCI Compliant, just like the big guys.

Your Best Sales Agent

Rezfusion Cloud is built to convert with the best-in-booking performance from innovative tools to an inspiring user experience.

Share & Plan

With Rezfusion Cloud your guest can share their cart, favorites, search results, or just a single property with themselves or friends and family; allowing user to pick up exactly where they left off on any device.

24/7 Support

Rezfusion Cloud, built by Bluetent, is backed by best-in-business support 24/7/365.

Proven Platform

With over $300 million in online reservations and 20,000+ units already on Rezfusion, you can trust your online business growth to a proven platform.

Take Control

Seamless integration with your PMS means you see amenity data and select what displays to your guests in the property search.

Lead Capture

Drie more direct bookings from quality, lead-catpuring features including sharing, favorites, newsletter sign-ups, and vacation planning tools.

Mobile Solution

Travelers are not downloading apps for search and book. Good thing Rezfusion Cloud is built for the responsive web.

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