Compass Resorts Vacation Rentals

Destin, Florida
Properties: 309 condos and 8 private homes


  • Digital Marketing (Strategic Account Management, Social Media Advertising, PPC, and SEO) 
  • 2 Rezfusion Pro websites 
  • 1 Rezfusion Cloud website 


With three Bluetent websites (2 Pros and a Cloud) and subscriptions to digital marketing services, Compass Resorts in Destin, Florida has partnered with the Bluetent team since 2017. As Marketing Manager Miles Chew states, “I would say we’ve been long-time fans of Bluetent. Working with the team has been super easy. I say, ‘Hey Kara, can we do this?’ and she replies ‘Yep!’” 


The internal marketing team at Compass was quick to embrace the marketing potential of social media. “We watched the shift in desktop versus mobile traffic — seeing that more people were doing things through their phones and feeling more comfortable making larger purchases from their mobile devices,” says Miles.  “And what else do they do on their mobile devices? Social media! So why not target them where they are?” 


As it turns out, they’re excellent at the social media game. From videos that garner upwards of 700,000 views (and climbing) on TikTok to impressive engagement on photo contests shared via Instagram and Facebook, the Compass team is having unprecedented success promoting their brand through social channels.  


When it came time to supplement their organic social media posts with advertising, the team turned to Bluetent to maximize their exposure. As Miles says, “Working with Bluetent is kind of like having an ace in the hole. For the one thing we can’t get to, we can pass it off.” 


The results are noteworthy: in 2021, Compass’ paid social advertisement campaigns (on Facebook and Instagram) generated nearly $1.8 million in assisted revenue with 610 conversions. According to Miles, Team Bluetent’s attention to detail helps make the ads so successful. “When Sarah creates ads, she does research on actual condos, makes it personal, and makes it sound like we wrote it,” he says. 


The team’s favorite paid social campaign is their newest one — a video campaign with a discount code that lures travelers and is palatable to homeowners. “When we started using promo codes in our social advertising campaigns, we were able to have true attribution,” states Miles. “…and people are more likely to look at it if it’s a video,” adds Emily Brinkman, Compass’s Social Media Coordinator.  


Working with Bluetent on social advertising means that we capture all the possible demand that there is,” Miles says. “Both in terms of the retargeting campaigns and in terms of the creative content: advertising ensures that all the great content that Emily is producing is getting seen. I want as many people as possible to get hit with those ads so that they’re more likely to follow us, more likely to engage with us, so that our posts are more likely to show up in their feeds in the future.” 


After an entire year of advertising on social platforms in 2021, Compass’ paid social advertisement campaigns (on Facebook and Instagram) generated nearly $1.8 million in assisted revenue with 610 conversions.

Million Dollars in assisted revenue in 2021
converted reservations in 2021