Support FAQ

When should you contact Bluetent Support?

Bluetent Support is available to assist you with ongoing maintenance of your website and distribution solutions. Common reasons you may contact Bluetent Support are to:
  • Ask for how-to articles or other platform documentation
  • Ask for assistance with an adjustment to platform settings
  • Report a suspected data discrepancy or technical error
  • Get connected with the right resource on the Bluetent team to best help you with your request

What are Bluetent Support Hours of Operation?

Bluetent Support’s normal business hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30AM MT – 5:30PM MT. The fastest way to get in touch with our Support team is by submitting a support ticket at so that we can get your request in front of the right person to help you as efficiently as possible.
Pro Tip: We find that most support requests are most efficiently resolved via email communication through our support ticketing system. Our Support team is available for phone calls on an as needed basis, however, we ask that you submit a ticket at and provide as much detail as possible about your request so that we can get you on the phone with the best team member.

What is Bluetent Subscription Support?

  • 1 hour/month or designated subscription plan

What is Bluetent Emergency Support?

Emergency after-hours support is available outside of normal business hours  for severely degraded services related to Bluetent websites. We are not able to offer emergency support for Boost or Hub products. In the event of widespread issues that cause services to go offline or result is substantial degradation, Bluetent Support will post known issues and status updates on 

What qualifies as emergency support?

  • Emergency after-hours support will be made available at Bluetent’s sole discretion and is generally reserved for critical outages.  
  • We will not be able to address any other category during after-hours and it will be assigned to a support representative the next business day. 
    • Website is down
    • All or a significant numbers of listings are down
    • All searches are not functioning
    • Online direct-booking process is not functioning

What is Bluetent’s Emergency Support policy?

  • Emergency support requests incur DOUBLE regular hourly rates in the case that Bluetent determines the cause to be outside of the scope of applicable service agreements.

How to submit an emergency after-hours support ticket

  • To submit an emergency after-hours support ticket, please visit and click “Submit After-Hours Emergency Ticket”.

How to submit an emergency support ticket during business hours

  • If you would like to notify Bluetent Support of an emergency during business hours please selectBusiness Hours Emergency”  here.

Help us help you! How to write a good support ticket.

Open a separate support ticket for each new request. Our team is able to help you much more effectively and ensure the quickest resolution times when you keep each open support ticket to one topic or request.

What kind of information should be included on a support request?

  • This will likely depend on the nature of your request, but as they say,  “the devil is in the details.” When you provide Bluetent Support with as much information as you can, our team is better able to get you the assistance you need to get your request resolved quickly.
  • In the event of a suspected error, identify the time and date that you noticed a change, any conditions under which the error occurs, and what behavior you would expect to see instead.
  • When you help us understand the “end goal” you’re trying to accomplish, our team can often provide you with information about platform features and best practices.

How can I expedite the resolution time for my request?

    • Provide Details
      • One of the most common causes for prolonged resolution time is a lack of information to troubleshoot and implement an effective resolution.
    • Be responsive
      • Our Support team will often need to ask you for additional information, clarification, or confirmation in order to assist with your request. Be sure to keep an eye out for their communication so we can keep things moving in the right direction.
    • Consider alternative solutions
      • Some requests may see longer than average turnaround times. While we value your continued feedback and take platform feature requests under consideration, we aren’t always able to meet your desired turnaround time. However, there are often alternative solutions or workarounds you can put in place temporarily while we work with you on developing the ideal solution.

Now what? What happens after I submit a support ticket?

We suggest you plan ahead when possible and avoid rushed “last minute” requests. By giving yourself extra lead time for expected requests, we’ll have more time to collaborate together on getting things just right.

When should I expect a response?

  • Shortly after submitting a support ticket, you will receive an email confirmation from Bluetent Support with your request’s case number. You should reply to this email with any additional information, clarification, or attachments you can provide.
  • Bluetent Support will address tickets based on urgency and the order in which they are received

How long until my request is resolved or completed?

  • Many basic requests can be resolved within a couple of business days.
  • More complex requests requiring extensive troubleshooting or development work are could take a week or more to resolve.
  • While we aim to resolve requests in a timely manner, in many situations, we rely on other software partners and senior resources to provide the necessary information or technology solutions to resolve any issues that may arise. This can result in prolonged time to resolution.
  • Some feature enhancements or requests may be weeks or months away on our platform development roadmap. While we value your continued feedback and take platform feature requests under consideration, we aren’t always able to meet your desired turnaround time. We are happy to discuss alternative solutions when feature requests are not immediately addressable.

What happens if you need additional Support time?

In the event that your Subscription Support budget becomes exhausted, there are two ways to purchase additional support time.

Pre-Paid Production Plan (aka “P4”)

  • P4s can be purchased in increments of 5 hours at a discounted hourly rate.

On Demand Hourly

  • You may also opt to pay for support work at our on demand hourly rate. Learn more about billing for On Demand Hourly work here.

What’s not included in Subscription Support?

  • Design changes  
  • New features
  • Modifications to existing features  
  • Requests requiring escalation to engineering or production teams may be deemed billable at the sole discretion of Bluetent.  
  • Support does not include training on 3rd party software, design changes, new features, or customization of data or from a 3rd party web service(s).    
  • Specialized support and/or projects, ex. design changes, new features, enhanced functionality, customization of data, and/or training on 3rd party software.  
  • Pro Tip: Work with your Bluetent account managers, support agents, and our sales team to develop a monthly, quarterly, or annual budget for ongoing website maintenance and enhancements.