introducing our latest series: watercooler wednesdays

With our industry conference season effectively canceled and most clients and colleagues working remotely, Team Bluetent is excited to launch an ongoing series of short videos intended to keep us all connected. We’re calling it Watercooler Wednesdays, and we hope you’ll tune in.


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EPISODE ONE: What’s Ned Thinking?

Featuring Ned Lucks, Chief Technology Officer & Kate Henion, Marketing Manager

EPISODE TWO: All about Ads with Alex — Google Paid Advertising

Featuring Alex Moshenskiy, Digital Advertising Manager & Kate Henion, Marketing Manager

EPISODE THREE: The Google Trifecta

Featuring Brynn Flaherty, Director of Marketing Services & Kate Henion, Marketing Manager

EPISODE FOUR: Thankfulness

Featuring Peter Scott, CEO/President & Kate Henion, Marketing Manager