Q&A with a Rezfusion Boost™ client

Bluetent sat down with Maggie O’Mahoney, Director of Rental Services at Granite Peak Management / Tahoe Vacation Rentals, to discuss how Rezfusion Boost™ is working for her team. Granite Peak signed up for Rezfusion Boost™ in 2017 after utilizing Bluetent for its website services.

How is Bluetent aligned with the values that drive your business?
Bluetent has been great at honing in on the details of each property on the various channels. Whether it was new tax only for certain zip-codes or specifically changing the details of a home being pet-friendly or having keyless access, all of these changes and one-off situations were easily accommodated and explained so that we could do what we wanted to sell our availability tailored to each individual channel.


How was the support and development process with our team?
Bluetent was always working with us, to not only help me fix the issues but help me learn the ins and outs so that I could begin to understand what needed to be done to optimize our availability and properties. I would even say that the past several month’s customer service responds even faster than normal. I love getting attachments with instructions, so I can sometimes work on issues myself rather than scheduling a call or talking on the phone, it gives me a lot more freedom to get what needs to get done on my time.


How has Bluetent and Rezfusion Boost™ helped you reach your goals?
I would say the biggest goal Rezfusion Boost™ has helped us reach is onboarding homes quickly. I can onboard a home in 1-2 days rather than 1-2 weeks, which is huge for such a growing market as Tahoe. New owners want to see bookings quickly and the fact that just a few days after signing a contract we can get them renters or at least show them how good their listing looks online is amazing.


Which solutions did Rezfusion Boost™ provide that you didn’t have previously? What specific feature did you like most?
There are a lot of revenue aspects that I couldn’t easily see when we had a different channel manager. I enjoy looking at the statistics of bookings and revenue. And it’s easy to look at without having to do a lot of digging or reporting. Also, I have always had trouble paying out commissions for bookings with several previous channel managers and I’ve never had that problem with Rezfusion Boost™.


What would you say to someone on the fence about signing on with Rezfusion Boost™?
I’d say to someone who is on the fence about signing on with Rezfusion Boost™ that if they value the reliability and ease of having a channel manager, they should absolutely sign-on. The onboarding of new homes is so easy. The process only seems to get quicker as our relationship grows and any new items that come up are easily responded to by the customer service team. We’ve been taking on new properties all over Lake Tahoe — some with different HOA rules and others with different county taxes — and we have been able to follow [those rules] with the system that Boost provides. Honestly, Rezfusion Boost™ has made my job as a Rental Services Manager so much easier and I don’t have to fret all day about updating property’s calendars or rates or even the small details!


What has the post-sales/implementation relationship been like? 
We definitely have seen an increase in bookings since interfacing with Rezfusion Boost™. Airbnb used to be our least used channel and now its the most!


What are you most excited about for the future of your business?
Growing with more properties and interfacing them quickly!!


How has Boost solved any problems or pains that you were having before signing on?
The customer service has been great, it’s really easy to get in touch with someone via email or phone and I absolutely love it!