Coastal Realty Vacation Rentals

St. Augustine, Florida
VR Software: VRM
Properties: 497


With only one direct booking website and 15 microsites lacking direct booking capabilities, Coastal Realty was looking to keep their branding consistent but allow guests to book on their individual websites.


Coastal Realty supercharged their strategy by implementing 13 Rezfusion Cloud sites. Rezfusion Cloud is built to target vacation rental professional’s unique audience by guiding potential guests through the booking process and, ultimately, converting them faster, easier, and more frequently. Coastal Realty was able to employ Cloud sites across their supplemental brands, maintaining consistent branding and adding direct booking functionality. Below, Stephanie Wyland, Coastal Realty’s Director of Rental Services/CAM, discusses her experience with Bluetent.


With Bluetent’s Cloud websites, we now have a total of 13 direct booking websites, all of which are their own entity but consistent in branding and functionality.  We expect booking conversions to exponentially increase because not only are there more websites in place for guests to find our company and the properties we manage, but also each user-friendly, beautiful website gives guests the ability to book immediately.”


 Launching 13 websites might seem like quite the headache, but with Bluetent, Stephanie and her team were able to receive the same hands-on and personalized customer service that they provide to their clients.


Coastal Realty strives to provide hands-on, personal customer service to every guest. The Bluetent website development team has provided us with that same personal attention, despite our only being one of several clients they work for. To say that Kelsey has been supportive and helpful during the implementation of our new Cloud websites would be a drastic understatement.”


Bluetent has the reputation of being a “Cadillac” of the vacation rental digital marketing industry.  If your company has grown to a point where you need access to a complete digital marketing agency, Bluetent has the experience and foundational partnerships with Google and OTAs to benefit your company and help it grow.”

In addition to their Rezfusion Cloud sites, Coastal Realty also plugged into Bluetent’s best-in-class channel management tool, Rezfusion Boost™. Stephanie joined us on a webinar to talk about her experience, check it out below:


While Coastal Realty’s websites have been live for less than a month, the team has already been impressed with their investment.


Going from no booking capability to direct booking on all of our microsites is a huge leap for us, so every reservation made is a successful result from the Cloud sites.”