Love Leavenworth

Leavenworth, Washington
VR Software: LiveRez
Properties: 29


With a market largely driven by repeat visitors (think: guests visiting multiple times a year), Love Leavenworth was looking to ramp up their marketing strategy and increase their repeat business. Their location in a picture-perfect town — often named at the top of Christmas “must visit” lists — ensured that they had plenty of content to showcase on their website, but unfortunately, their busy staff couldn’t find enough time in the day to execute impactful marketing initiatives. “I simply don’t have enough hours in the day, after keeping up with the daily operations, to leave time for marketing,” said Sean Lynn, Love Leavenworth’s owner.


Love Leavenworth receives most of their bookings through online travel agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb. To diversify their booking strategy and drive travelers to their LiveRez website, in 2019 Sean made the decision to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing with Bluetent. Check out their year-over-year (since signing on with Bluetent) results below:

increase in organic traffic
increase in direct bookings
increase in revenue
The above numbers are generated from year-over-year comparison of data from March 2019-March 2021. 


With Team Bluetent by his side, Sean was off and running. After only a couple of weeks, Sean and his account managers were bouncing new ideas off each other and finding unique ways to increase repeat bookings. “I felt like I was heard and that I had a connection with you guys right off the bat, from our first sales call,” Sean states.


To make sure his LiveRez website was being found online, Sean invested in SEO with Bluetent. Key features of their plan included on-page SEO optimizations, keyword (and competitor) research, and creation of relevant, timely website content. As a result of these efforts, not only has the Love Leavenworth site seen a significant increase in organic traffic and direct bookings, they’ve also seen considerable improvement in their keyword rankings: the website now ranks for 331 new keywords. Even better, for 123 of those new keywords, the site shows up on the first page of Google search results — ensuring that travelers see Love Leavenworth when they search for vacation rentals.


An integral part of Love Leavenworth’s successful email strategy is the relationship between Sean and his Bluetent email account manager. They meet monthly to review email performance, diving into reports to identify what content, design templates, and subject lines are working. It’s this collaboration that has fueled Love Leavenworth’s outstanding email marketing results. Their emails average a 31% open rate — well above the national email marketing open rate of 20%.


Love Leavenworth has also installed Bluetent’s pop-up feature on their website. This tool invites website users to provide their email address, allowing Sean’s team and his Bluetent email account manager to develop email marketing strategies that re-engage those travelers. With an average conversion rate of 3.1%, pop-ups can be used to grow your email list and drive bookings with incentives.


“It’s been so great getting to know your whole team, it’s been better than my previous experience by a billion miles”