Love Leavenworth

Leavenworth, Washington
VR Software: LiveRez
Properties: 29


With a market largely driven by repeat visitors (think: guests visiting multiple times a year), Love Leavenworth was looking to amp up their marketing strategy and increase their repeat business. Their location in a picture-perfect town – often named at the top of Christmas “must visit” lists – ensured that they had plenty of content to showcase on their website, but unfortunately, their busy staff couldn’t find enough time in the day to execute impactful marketing initiatives. Below, Sean Lynn, Love Leavenworth’s owner, discusses his experience with Bluetent.


“I simply don’t have enough hours in the day, keeping up with the daily operations, to leave time for marketing”


After crunching the numbers, Sean decided to invest in email marketing and SEO strategy with Bluetent rather than hiring a new marketing member for his team. He’s teamed up with Bluetent to lay the foundation for a fruitful SEO strategy and to implement email marketing tactics that capture vital customer data from third-party OTAs.


With team Bluetent by his side, Sean was off and running. After only a couple of weeks, Sean and his account managers were bouncing new ideas off each other, finding unique ways to increase repeat bookings. 


“I felt like I was heard and that I had a connection with you guys right off the bat, from our first sales call.”


“It’s been so great getting to know your whole team, it’s been better than my previous experience by a billion miles”