Making It Pop: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Pop-Ups

By October 1, 2022 Email, Strategy, Websites

Whether you love them or hate them, the fact remains that pop-ups work. Simply put, pop-ups drive bookings: they have an average booking conversion rate of 3.1%. Three percent more bookings can be a game changer for your business! Follow these do’s and don’ts to maximize your pop-up’s efficiency and visibility and – most importantly – to make conversions happen.


Before putting a pop-up into action, consider these four Do’s:


Have context: Pop-ups that relate to a page’s content have higher conversion rates.


Use patience. The highest-converting pop-ups don’t appear on the site immediately.


Be clear, fun, and useful. Create obvious value and don’t forget to add personality.


Consider frequency and visibility. Show pop-ups exactly where and when you want for maximum conversions.


Poorly conceived pop-ups are annoying and intrusive to website visitors. These four Don’ts will minimize user inconvenience:


show your pop up on a user’s very first page view. Respect first time visitors.


trigger immediately. Give visitors time to see the site and get invested.


guess. Run A/B tests to test the effectiveness of your timing.


use pop-ups on mobile devices. Disable pop-ups for mobile users and create a search bar instead.


Pop-ups work, and we have proof!

There are many ways you can leverage pop-ups on your website. Let’s take a deeper dive into what a successful pop-up can do for your business.

Grow your subscriber list

Use a pop-up like this to get users to subscribe to your newsletter without navigating to the sign-up form. A pop-up like this had a 1.96% conversion rate – and has added more than 2,000 subscribers – in 10 months.



The Hobbs Realty pop-up used a “grand prize” offer that required users to sign up to be entered to win. The campaign had a 4.14% conversion rate.

Turn lookers into bookers with incentives and discounts


This Corolla Classic Vacations summer flash sale pop-up had a 16.88% conversion rate and added more than 1,100+ page visits.



Retreatia utilized a 25% off pop-up and saw a 4.39% conversion rate, adding more than  110 subscribers in just one week.

Make your brand the trusted expert


Hobbs realty established their brand as the local expert with this pop-up about Hurricane Irma, which had a whopping 24.07% click through rate.

Drive direct bookings


Sea Star Realty featured book-direct message in their pop-up and saw a 28.55% click through rate.

We hope you are inspired to put pop-ups to work for your business!

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