An Epic 2016 in Review

By January 6, 2017Strategy

As we welcome the new year, we recognize how thankful and fortunate we were for experiencing so much fun and success in 2016. Special thanks to all our clients, partners, and teammates who made last year incredible. In keeping with an annual tradition, we wish to share some of our triumphs and adventures with you all. We played hard and worked harder, and we are all looking forward to making 2017 the best year yet!


An Epic 2016 in Review

A few incredible milestones to celebrate:

  • Three team members got married – Meredith, Ryne, and Emily T.
  • Brynn completed the Roaring Fork Leadership Program
  • Emily R. sent her first kiddo to college
  • Andy G. received an MFA in creative writing
  • Dan B. and Jeanie both bought new houses
  • Laura T got engaged and moved to Montana
  • Eric taught his daughter to ski
  • Jack rowed the Grand Canyon – 287 miles in 21 days
  • Regan learned to ski and competed in the Triple Bypass Road Race
  • Kara ran the NYC marathon in 3:27 but that’s just the start of it… she also won a local obstacle race, conquered an Olympic Triathlon, and qualified for the USA Triathlon National Championships
  • Andy Meagher competed in the Makahiki Challenge¬† (which looks like a blast and should strongly be considered for a company retreat)
  • Andy Gaylord got 3rd place in the Rodeo Valley Trail Run, 1/2 Marathon
  • Emily T. ran in the Dazzle Dash 5K
  • Sammy and Kara got inducted into the over 40 club

Top Activity Loggers:

  • Kara – 1775 miles
  • Natalie – 1500
  • Emily T. – 925
  • Sam – 974.1
  • Meredith – 740
  • Regan – 648
  • Maria – 575
  • Jack – 350 (all rowing!)
  • Andy G. and Jamie both ran and climbed incredible amounts, so they may be close to the top if they had track





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  • Deandre says:

    So much emotion and feeling. It makes one’s heart bleed. Suffering to get better when better never comes. Je t&2;a178#ime mon soeur. Dark and beautiful writing as always. xo

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