2013 Google Analytics Certified Partners Summit

The 2013 Google Analytics Summit was big. Certified Partners from all over the world were invited to Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum for an opportunity to drill down into the current and future state of the Google Analytics toolset. Access Empower Act served as an appropriate and well-addressed theme.

For the last several months, the team at Blue Tent has been sprinting to keep pace with what felt like a flood of changes throughout the Analytics product platforms. In a presentation entitled ‘Riding the Rocket’, Director of GA Product Management, Babak Pahlavan, confirmed that over 70 (yes, seventy!) Analytics related launches were implemented in 2013 and he dug into the specifics of 14 of the more notable ones for the conference invitees. No wonder Analytics users everywhere have been out of breath for months!

While many details of the release announcements were not intended for public consumption just yet, the general theme was one of improving integration and expanding features across a variety of toolsets, delivering a web traffic data collection and a management system that sports an ever-improving user interface with mega server-side capability that is intended to be used by everyone, from the smallest mom and pop shops to the whales of e-business. Google is certainly providing the “Access” part of the equation. Impressive, to say the least.

Keynote speaker Avinsash Kaushik, Google Analytics Digital Marketing Evangelist, gave a spirited presentation focused on the Act portion of the theme. True to his style, he reminded everyone not to be mediocre (I believe his exact words were “Don’t suck”), and he shared his passion on the importance of enabling teams to dig through this mass of data to find what matters to your company. Then, build quality insights and make decisions that make a difference for your customers and for your business. Avinash literally ‘wrote the book’ on web analytics, and his energy, vision, and refusal/inability to sugar coat anything was awesome and much appreciated. As a side note, his take on the “not provided” situation was priceless.

The Analytics crew at Google continues to show their commitment to empowering businesses to act intelligently by providing cutting-edge tools and processes for gathering and analyzing the key data required to make educated, data-based marketing decisions. It’s been a wild ride in the Analytics world over the last 12 months and there is no sign of things slowing down in the next 12. Team Blue Tent is proud to be a Google Analytics Certified Partner and we remain committed to delivering the latest in digital marketing analytics and web development for our clients.