5 Benefits of using Google Apps for Small Business

By September 6, 2012Strategy

1. Access Email, Calendars, Files, & Contacts Anywhere

Google Apps is cloud-based (hosted over the internet), which results in one of the most compelling features: the ability to access your inbox, calendars, files, contacts, etc. anywhere!  Many of our clients and small business partners need to access work both in the office and on the road; Google Apps is the most effective and most affordable way to make this happen.

2. Improve Transparency & Go Green

Employees may share calendars and files amongst each other, thereby streamlining processes, increasing communication and utilizing time resourcefully.  Additionally, formatting issues between hardware (i.e. Mac vs PC) are mitigated as documents created through Google Apps appear the same on any platform.  Thus, multiple employees are able to revise, update and contribute to the same project.  This also limits the environmental impact by decreasing the amount of unnecessary printing.

3. Stay Organized and Store Everything

Storage size with Google Apps is next to unlimited; as your organization grows, you are able to increase accordingly.  That being said, employees do not need to delete items to make room for more and with the powerful search tool they can find relevant information quickly and efficiently.

4. Increase Security and Backup

The need for a backup server as well as manually saving work is no longer a concern.  Google Apps is designed with security features keeping your data safe by continually and automatically backing up your work.  Since the servers are virtual, the worry about internal, expensive infrastructure is eliminated as well.

5. Control Administrative Functions

Google Apps provides an administrative dashboard allowing businesses to manage accounts instantly and easily.  Some important features include: ability to add/remove users, update passwords, control security, and set organizational policies.

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