5 Minute Social – Google+ Dashboard, Facebook’s Hashtag and Business Page Insights, MySpace

By June 20, 2013Social

What is hot and relevat in Social Media at the moment? In 5 Minute Social we cut the long story short:

New Google+ Dashboard

The new Google+ DashboardGoogle released a new dashboard for its social platform, Google+. The new interface makes it possible to manage many daily activities around Google’s tools from one place. Businesses, for example, can update their info, including their website URLs, store hours and phone numbers, across Google Maps, Search and on Google+ right from the tools Overview tab – read more about the new Google+ dashboard. You can check out your own dashboard by logging in to your Google+ page, then hovering over >Profile and clicking on >Dashboard.

Facebook’s #Hashtag

In our series – How social platforms like to copy their competitors – we cover a new Facebook function this week: The recently introduced hashtag (#). Hashtags are common on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Putting the symbol in front of a word indicates a topic – or that the post is part of a larger discussion. On Facebook, people can now use hashtags in their search from the search bar, or they simply click on hashtags in status updates to be redirected to further posts around the trending topic. Read what the company itself has to say about hashtags and public conversations on Facebook.

Facebook’s Business Page Insights

This news will become relevant for most of us within the next few weeks: Facebook is steadily rolling out new Business Page Insights! The updated “On-Facebook-Analytics” will be much more detailed and actionable, giving you more understandable data about the engagement on your Facebook Page. Start checking your own insights every once in a while to see if the update is already available to you. (Click on >Insights on your own page’s Admin Panel.) Here is a useful article with more information on the new Facebook Business Page Insights.

MySpace is back

Micha's new MySpace pageMySpace is officially back! The once-dominant social network re-launched after years of rumors, beta versions etc. It comes with new management, new design, new energy … and a large advertising budget to kick off the new era. If you’re curious, you can see the advertising clip for the new MySpace launch. At the moment, the reborn platform seems to target mostly young, trendy people, musicians and artists. We will keep an eye on the “old newcomer” and let you know if a time comes when you should consider jumping on.

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