Creating fresh content – but where to start?

By March 4, 2009 May 8th, 2014 Websites

It’s no secret that fresh content is one of the best way to improving your search engine visibility. Whether you are updating product & services pages, developing a resource section or simply writing a blog post – fresh content will keep the spiders crawling back.

Not only is coming up with fresh articles not the easiest thing, we all know ‘writers block’, but you also want to provide relevant & worthy content. After all, you don’t want to offend your visitors with boring or unrelated articles – you want to keep them interested! Here are a few easy to follow ways to generate fresh content topics & ideas;

Expanding upon your already existing content is often overlooked. Does your site have bullet lists of ‘Things to do…’, ‘Services we offer…’ or ‘Area Resources’? Take a second look and consider expanding the lists into fresh articles or pages. If the list has made it onto the website, then there is a good chance that it is relevant and worthy content just waiting to be published.

When was the last time you checked on what your competition’s website was doing from a content standpoint? Do they have imagesimagesimage galleries or video’s. Do they allowing users to comment on articles?  These are all simple ways to generate fresh content to your site.

Researching and understanding new trends in your industry by tapping into socially driven websites is a the cutting edge of internet marketing. Websites such as Yahoo AnswersGoogle Blog SearchGoogle AlertsDelicious Popular, or Twitter Search can give you up-to-date insight on what people are talking about. This is a fantastic way to find some Blog Food. Not only can you monitor when a certain keyword is mentioned, such as brand or product name, but you can also interact within the chosen community. Interacting with users and offering them content that they may find interesting will help drive targeted traffic to your website or blog – ultimately boosting your reputation and build a community.

Understanding your web analytics can be a huge advantage when you are coming up with fresh content. Using Google Analytics new Advanced Segmentation features, you are able to dive deep into how your users are searching for your website and its products/services. You will find that even though your website may rank for a keyword, the user performance is below par for the course – meaning you need to improve your content to increase user engagement with your website.

So get to it and start coming up with some fresh content for your website – because every article, blog post or web page keeps the Search Engine spiders and your visitors crawling back for more. Contact Jonathan Georger for more ways to help start adding fresh content to your website.

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