Customer Lifecycle Phases

By January 15, 2008 May 8th, 2014 Strategy

Contacting your clients with the right message at the right time has never been more important. You’ve no doubt asked yourself many times: What works best and when? While there are many different strategies out there, we believe a focused approach using proven methods delivers the best results. Consistently engaging your client throughout their lifecycle is imperative, and we can show you how.

From dreaming of vacation to realizing a need, the number one thing is that your client can find you quickly and easily. Being at the top of search engines is certainly a great first step, and having a compelling web site is close behind.

So now that I know what I want, does your web presence reassure me that you’re the one to provide it? By offering compelling reviews, great photographs, and easy to use check out procedures, this is where ROI conversions take place.

What do you do after a client converts? In many cases, the answer is a big fat NOTHING. Automatically send them a thank you email that contains details of their purchase. It makes them feel good about what they’ve purchased and they’ll spread the word.

When the client is staying at your lodge, or enjoying your product or service, wouldn’t it be a great idea to reach out to them in real time? Ask for their opinion? Mobile technology is on the cutting edge of real-time communication and should be considered.

Getting a review or garnering feedback, and having the technology to collect and publish that feedback, is invaluable. When a visitor to your site encounters real feedback from real people, the “wisdom of crowds” kicks in, and the community grows.

Contact us today to discuss how your awareness of your customer’s lifecycle phases can impact your business in 2008.

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