Team Shout-out for January: Laura Turpack!

By January 6, 2014Team

Laura Turpack coming to you from Telluride, Colorado! Here is a quick dive into her life when she’s not leading projects and tapping away for her clients.

BTM: What’s the last website you visited?,

BTM: Where did you spend your last vacation?

The Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands with my mom, dad, sister & boyfriend. So fun!

BTM: Items on your Bucket List.


  • 1. Backpack Glacier National Park
  • 2. Kayak Baja
  • 3. Heli-ski Alaska… or really anywhere
  • 4. As many Island vacations with my mom as possible
  • 5. Asia & South America… someday!

BTM: Books on your nightstand.

  • Treasure Island
  • J.M. Coetzee
  • How to Raise a Puppy
  • The Adopted Dog Bible
  • Spice Kitchen
  • Curry Cusine

BTM: Favorite documentary.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

BTM: What’s for dinner tonight?

Aloo gobi & steak

BTM: One sport you wish you had time for.

Kite Surfing

BTM: A secret clients should know about you.   True or False.

There are 5 screws & some buttons holding me together.



BTM: Favorite aspect of your role.

Brainstorming creative & smart ideas with coworkers & clients.

BTM: Publications or blogs you read on a daily basis.

I listen to NPR Morning addition

BTM: One lesson from childhood you still live by today.

Be honest & kind, if you fall down get back up, life is short… have fun!


BTM: You would never leave home without…

Water, sunglasses, cracked phone & credit card.

BTM: Day to day routine at Blue Tent.

  • Strive to help clients and projects be successful
  • Be nice to developers so they will work on my projects

BTM: One vice.

Dark chocolate

BTM: Favorite libation.

Zinfandel or IPA

BTM: How do you use flex time?

Physical therapy to rehab my knee… and hopefully powder days soon!

BTM: If you could work remotely from anywhere, where would it be?



BTM: Favorite way to unwind.

Hike, ski or cook.

BTM: If you could meet one person past, present, future, who would it be?

My grandfather

BTM: Favorite place in the world.

Tabor Lake (middle of nowhere CO)

BTM: Three words coworkers would use to describe you.

I have no clue! Hopefully something rad!

BTM: Anything else you wish to spill?

The best day at Blue Tent was when Peter & Ben were arguing over which of them had better fashion sense.


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