Inspiration Bomb Against the Facebook Daily Grind

By October 11, 2012Social

So, you’ve created a Facebook page, you’ve gathered a respectable following, you even have some “Likes” and conversations – you are social! Yet somehow your social presence seems to be just stumbling along. Your Facebook community feels more like a Facebook communion. You feed the same bread and wine every day and the same people come to accept it. Where is the excitement of the early days?

Are you looking to break out from the daily Facebook grind? Good idea! Here are some butt-kicking questions and suggestions for you:

  • Do you use language in your posts that draws response? Try asking more questions than posting statements. Fill-in-the-blank posts can also create more _________, don’t you think?
  • Could you be more visual? Pictures and videos generally attract more likes and shares! Try posting a picture and let people add the caption. Tasks like that can become viral.
  • Is there anything that you could give away for free and create a sweepstake or contest around it? Promise a reward for the whole community once you reached a certain number of followers.
  • Do you have a new product coming up that you can give your Facebook fan base an exclusive sneak peak or a sample of it?
  • Can you make your followers’ opinion count? Let them vote on product design choices or have them submit their own ideas for a task in your company. Offer a nice reward!
  • Did you ever try to make someone’s day? Come up with ideas to make individuals feels special. Give a reward to your most active members. Can you let them be the face of your timeline for a while? Celebrate your 1000st fan. Sing someone a Birthday song.

Generally, never lose the focus on who your fans are. What content is truly interesting for them? How can you surprise, enrich and delight them? Reminding yourself about this basic idea is an important first step. Additionally, here’s a source of great inspiration:

Facebook created a website dedicated to stories around exceptional campaigns, calledFacebook Studio. Take a look at it. You will find videos and articles about the best things that happened on Facebook ever. Simply start watching the Spotlight videos on the landing page. Or click through the entries that won the 2012 Facebook Award. I guarantee some of these will blow you away. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Make a better one yourself, then” – Discover how the KIASMA Museum in Finland used Facebook to transform public critique to positive engagement with contemporary art.

Fashion Tag – Learn how a simple app revolutionized the engagement with women’s magazine FLAIR.

A little village goes global – Marvel at the dazzling effect that a small promise has for a tiny village in Switzerland.

BYO Cup Day – Celebrate a very special day with Australian fans of the frozen drink, Slurpee.

Nike TakeCPH – Find out how Nike’s app and Facebook page made the whole city of Copenhagen run.

Did I promise too much? Alright, some of the examples use custom apps and were created by companies with larger budgets than most small- to medium-sized business have at their disposal. But others accomplish amazing feats without enormous amounts of money. What unites all campaigns is that they started with a great idea!

Keep watching. Get inspiration by the success stories of others and then take action. If you’d like to brainstorm ideas together, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to work with you to create a truly unique and inspiring Facebook presence. Perhaps our efforts will soon excite on Facebook Studio? It is absolutely possible!

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