Why Isn’t Google Using My Meta Descriptions?

By July 28, 2012 April 3rd, 2014 SEO | Inbound Marketing

You’ve put substantial resources toward optimizing your meta descriptions on your site; you made sure they were relevant, accurate, eye-catching, concise and use the language your customers are using.  That’s not easy.  So why isn’t Google using them?  Well, you failed.

Don’t take it too hard, Google just thinks they can do it better- and most of the time they’re right.  Google’s algorthm is designed to serve users decriptions that are most relevant to their search.  This is a good thing.  While you’ve crafted ad copy designed for all potential users searching for that page no matter the key phrases used, Google is creating copy that is tailored to the user’s specific query and they’re doing it with your content.  It will analyze the page and if copy on the page is more relevant to the search it may override your meta decription with programmatically selected text.

For certain pages, especially those more likely to be found by a variety of long tail searches, you may be better off leaving meta descriptions blank and letting Google choose.  You can leverage a tool designed to create the most relevant copy automatically and save yourself some time and money.  On pages where it’s important to control the message, like your homepage or product pages, it’s critical that you create highly optimized descriptions that even the big brains at Google agree are the most relevant descriptions for the pages.

It’s imporant that ALL the content and decription information on your site is proofed and regularly reviewed, you wouldn’t want an unfortunate typo.

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