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By September 5, 2013 April 2nd, 2014 Email

Mobile Devices are Taking Over the Market Share


Last month we highlighted the new and our fully responsive web design approach. We’re happy to report that we’ve brought this mobile first philosophy to our email campaigns as well. The Blue Tent Email Department has been monitoring our client’s open rates per email client for the last few years and mobile opens have unsurprisingly been steadily climbing. In our opinion, it is no longer an option but a necessity to ensure your emails display flawlessly on all smartphones and tablets.

We take pride in staying on top of the latest email marketing trends and cherish the opportunity to deliver dynamic emails that generate brand interest, increase sales and deliver the highest ROI of any other marketing channel. We’ve been experiencing with mobile-friendly templates for the last year and half an even won an international email marketing award for our achievements.

How It Works

What exactly is a responsive email template? What does it do? How responsive templates work is really quite cool, they figure out what device you are using and determine how to best deliver your email. Not only will your email look great on their device, it will also enhance the users interaction by stacking articles on top of each other rather than displaying side by side, adjusting font sizes, hiding certain elements to simplify the design, and deliver clear, thumb friendly links. This encourages the user’s engagement by delivering your offer in a palatable way, increasing your opportunity of conversion.

Ideally, a responsive email would link to a responsive website to complete the conversion process. Users are more likely to leave the info gathering and purchase process if the website does not display well on their mobile device and is difficult to navigate. Therefore, if the user begins the purchase process on a mobile device, you should deliver the same experience and interactivity to capitalize on that email click-through. Don’t send emails in vain, capitalize on your opportunity to communicate one to one with your consumer by making their experience as easy and seamless as possible.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Since January 2012, mobile email opens have increased a whopping 63% and now make up 44% of all opens. Here are some highlights of a case study performed by Litmus Email Testing and Analytics ( a trusted BTM partner.)

In our own experience, we’ve seen our clients click-through rates increase, bounce rates drop, and, most importantly, revenue increase after converting to our mobile-friendly email templates.

Win on the Web

The Email Department has taken great strides in perfecting our ability to create shiny new responsive templates. Contact Blue Tent, or your email project manager directly, to discuss how responsive email marketing can benefit your business.

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