#Thankful on Thanksgiving

By November 21, 2012 April 3rd, 2014 Strategy

What’s it like to work for one of Outside Magazine’s “Best Companies?” We work like dogs!

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’ve been reflecting on the things that we’re most thankful for. We’re thankful for having the opportunity to work with amazing clients, to make a real difference in their businesses, and to work for a truly great company.

As you’ve probably heard, Blue Tent Marketing was recognized as the #7 Best Company to Work for in the August issue of Outside Magazine, but what does that mean? What makes Blue Tent such an amazing place to work? Looking around, I see our four-legged friends roam the hallways of the office and suddenly I know it: We work like dogs!

No matter the character, size or age … a dog cares. Can you recall a situation when you were down and your dog simply was there for you? I certainly can. At Blue Tent, I think, we are not very different. From the management on down we all fundamentally care about each other. And like a dog favors its master, we all share the same philosophy of putting our clients first! Whether it be putting off a break, answering an email off hours, or collaborating with others in the company, we all believe in doing what is best for the client.

But hey, we also like to play! Another important part of any great company is a work-life balance. The management team at Blue Tent does an excellent job at allowing us to work remotely or giving us flex time to go digging for bones during our lunchtime, finishing up early to catch some sticks to run around with our pack. As long as the work gets done, there is no one monitoring when you come and go.

Want to hear more things that get our tails wagging? Our office is located in paradise – the heart of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley. The mountains are our playground. Benefits are important too, from healthcare to retirement planning to ski passes and gym memberships, these are the things that when added together really make for a happy pack. Not to mention, there is always a basket with treats in the kitchen and a well-stocked beer fridge!

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you’re as thankful as we are!

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