4 Reasons to be Excited About Length-of-Stay Pricing

By August 19, 2019 October 4th, 2019 Strategy

1. WORRY-FREE RATES: Length-of-stay eliminates any worry over accuracy when dealing with advanced tariff setups, seasons or limitations associated with seasonal rates.


2. 100% ACCURATE PRICES: Every available arrival date is delivered to connected channels with accurate prices for every possible departure date, taking into account occupancy charges and other rules.


3. NO MORE DUPLICATE DATA ENTRY: We’ve updated the API so that your fees will be transmitted automatically to Rezfusion Boost to eliminate any duplicate data entry; you can continue to manage your pricing exclusively in your software.


4. CONSISTENT GUEST CHARGES: Rezfusion Boost is now able to send reservation financial details back into your software, ensuring that your guests are consistently and automatically charged amounts equal to what they saw at time of booking.