Vacation Rental Marketing Roundup – August 2019

By August 20, 2019 September 12th, 2019 Strategy

As a busy vacation rental manager, we know it can be challenging to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few articles to help you keep your digital strategy sharp.

Is Google My Business really that important?

Having a complete and up-to-date Google My Business listing helps build your vacation rental brand awareness, increases your visibility on Google by expanding your brand’s search result real estate, and, according to new research, improves search performance when you include high quality photos. Since many vacation rental managers already have some high quality property photos, it’s just a matter of uploading them to your Google My Business listing!

Are you attracting qualified guests to your website?

In order to attract qualified guests to your website, you first need to determine what a “qualified” guest means to your business. Building guest personas can help you more effectively reach your target audience through highly relevant website content and online ads, which will ultimately increase your bookings. In addition to using what you and your team know about your guests through personal interactions, you can use demographic data available in Google Analytics to discover more about your website visitors’ age, geographic location, and interests.

How do you respond to a negative guest review?

Receiving a negative guest review can often times be aggravating. However, a bad review with a good manager response can sometimes be more influential to your potential future guests than a good guest review. If you receive a negative guest review, follow these tips for responding to put your vacation rental brand’s best foot forward.

Are your Facebook Ads up to date?

Facebook will be rolling out an update to the way Facebook ads are displayed on mobile devices in August 2019. The changes to visible text length and photo and video sizing will make it easier to use the same creative assets for ads across Facebook and Instagram (yay!). Make sure your social ads are updated to reflect these new best practices so your Facebook ads can continually to perform optimally!

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