5 Minute Social – Improved Sharing & News From Instagram, Google+ and Facebook Ads

By March 12, 2013Social

Markerly Improves Social Sharing

Markerly is a social sharing system that you can add on to your website. It enables site visitors to share small pieces of content, instead of the whole page. Marking text, for example, will make sharing options appear. Same thing happens when the cursor hovers over images. Markerly promises to increase the amount of shared content. So far, the product is free. But we’re expecting paid analytics features in the future. Here you can get access to Markerly’s Social Sharing System and also try a demo.

Instagram Has 100 Million Active Users

Instagram Stats from PEW InternetThe picture sharing app Instagram announced to have 100 million monthly active users now. Does every company need to jump on the social bandwagon now? In our opinion, that depends strongly on your target group. Take a quick look at the Instagram user statistics provided by PEW. At the moment, Instagram is heavily used by youngsters, age 18-29, women, black and hispanic people. Also to remember: the core of Instagram is a mobile app, which means you deal mostly with young, tech-savy people that are mobile users. If this sounds like your companies predominant target group, you should certainly play with the idea of an Instagram company profile.

As with any social media tool, consider ahead: Do you have the resources to regularly come up with creative content (here: pictures!) around your products, services and company culture?

Here are a couple more useful resources for you:
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Google+ Introduces Layout Updates and Social Sign-In

The social platform Google+ rolled out layout updates. Cover Photos are larger now and the About Us section experienced some optical changes. Time to check back to your profile and optimize the look of it. (Don’t worry if you can’t see any difference on your profile yet. The changes roll out gradually.) Also new is a “Local Reviews” tab, which will allow users to highlight their favorite restaurants.

Google Plus Sign InSecond big announcement: The company introduced the possibility for online publishers and app developers to start using Google+ as a sign-in option. Similar to Facebook Connect, one has the option to decide which content should be shared to the news stream (if any at all.) The new feature could lead to a push in active users for Google+. How widely the new feature really will be adopted remains to be seen.

Facebook Develops Look-Alike Targeting

This new advertising function is still in Beta but could be a strong tool once it is officially available.Facebook’s Look-Alike targeting will give companies the possibility to explicitly target Facebook users that are similar to their current clientele. This new option will help to reach people with even more relevant messaging. We’ll let you know, once the tool is live and share our experiences with you.

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