Airbnb Content Rules

By March 17, 2023 Distribution
airbnb listings rules

Our RezFusion Boost team wants to make you aware of some rules that Airbnb has set that can affect your listings. Airbnb has begun strict enforcement of its rules for listing content. Not adhering to the rules does not necessarily mean that your listing won’t be visible on Airbnb, but it could prevent your listing from updating properly and negatively impact your search results. To ensure your listings are live and easily searchable, be sure to keep the following rules in mind: 


Property (Listing) name cannot contain: 

  •  More than 4 capital letters  
  • Symbols or Emojis 
  • Maximum of 50 characters


Content Fields (House Rules, Summary, Description, Notes) cannot contain: 

  • Words longer than 5 characters in ALL CAPS 
  • More than 3 ALL CAPS words in a row 
  • Denied words – Example: Google, Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, other OTA names 
  • Repetitive characters – Example: !!!, ~~, Beachhhhh 
  • Phone numbers or a series of numbers (this can include Tax ID or Permit numbers) 
  • Contact Information – Example: Email addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, physical addresses 
  • Cancellation Policies – Airbnb gives Hosts 5 policy options to select from 
  • Payment schedule and/or terms 


Feel free to reach out with questions! You can email us at [email protected].