[Webinar Recording] Spring 2022 Inside the Tent Webinar with LSI Tools

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Inside the Tent Spring 2022 Webinar with LSI Tools | Are you leaving money on the table? Maximizing your revenue with your own data


Let’s say your ecosystem is looking good:  

  • You’ve got a great direct booking website with customer-centric features. 
  • You’re aware of how to use distribution to expand your audience and might even be using a channel management tool to increase your efficiencies.
  • You know the importance of digital marketing and have even done some advertising.
  • You have a strong email list of interested travelers and past guests.  

 Now, let’s dive into the opportunity you have with your own data to fill gaps in your rental calendar. We have Lynell Gordon, the CEO of LSI Tools here to help you navigate your own data. And Eric Taylor, our Email Marketing Manager for Bluetent to share email marketing tips to connect with your previous guests. 


Identify how you can find the potential travelers to fill those gaps. When you are looking to fill gaps by using your past guests, follow these tips: 

  • This niche group will be past guests who are within driving distance to your destination.  
  • Past guests who stayed at smaller properties but might want to upgrade this year – if the price is the same that they paid last year 
  • Offer properties with bedroom counts that are the same as their previous property and 1 or 2 more – families grow and your guests families grow as well! They might have booked in a 4 bedroom property last year, but might require a 5 bedroom this year.


4 Email Marketing tips your strategy should live by:

  • Use all your available data and test new ideas to find what works. Stick with what works and be consistent!  
  • More than one email campaign a month should be segmented and even one a week can have success.  
  • Automation is key! Not only the engagement segments but also booking anniversary and subscriber preferences.  
  • The overall benefit of segmentation is to target groups of subscribers that can be defined by their similar wants. 

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