Using reviews to amplify your Airbnb listing performance

Airbnb Reviews
Airbnb Reviews

5 Recommendations for boosting your review score and performance on Airbnb

Reviews have become a staple of vacation rental listings on Airbnb and other online travel agencies (OTAs). They help guests verify that they have selected the perfect property for their next vacation — while simultaneously providing constructive feedback for both owners and vacation rental managers. Reviews also help instill confidence in travelers unfamiliar with vacation rentals.


Reading, responding to, and taking action on guest reviews should be a part of your routine when it comes to your distribution strategy. If you are not currently interacting with guests through reviews, we highly recommend that you start now! These five simple tips from our partners at Airbnb will help you get the most from your review strategy.


1. Go through past reviews.

Address negative reviews and ensure your future guests won’t have the same issue. Use the past positive reviews and create new value propositions for your future guests.


2. Be present.

Be there for your guests during their stay. Support them and do your best to accommodate any need they might have.


3. Be an active listener.

Listen to your guests’ requests, and even if you can’t satisfy them, communicate your intention to help. Show empathy.


4. Rate your guests.

After each stay, write about how your experience hosting your guests was. Let future Hosts know about it. You can read more about the benefits of reviewing your guests in our blog post here.


5. Ask your guests.

Proactively ask your guests to write about their experience. Be honest and share that this will help you become a better professional. Get Team Bluetent’s tips on making it easy for guests to provide reviews in our blog post here.


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