Why you should review your guests on Airbnb

By July 6, 2021 September 19th, 2021 Distribution, Strategy

Reviewing your guests on Airbnb should be a routine part of your hosting responsibilities.  It is proven that the more reviews hosts write for their guests, the more reviews their guests leave for them which results in increased bookings and helps you as a host to attain superhost status. 

Four reasons to write reviews for your guests: 

  1. It reminds guests to review you – when your review is received by Airbnb it triggers a notice to the guest which prompts them to leave a review for you. 
  2. Reviewing your guests shows your gratitude to them and providing a well written review may result in word-of-mouth referrals. 
  3. Providing feedback can help guests become better travelers.  
  4. It helps to build a community among hosts by providing information to help potential hosts know if they want to have a guest stay at their property. 

Key things to include when you review guests: 

  1. If you would welcome them back to your property. 
  2. Were they easy to communicate with? 
  3. Any personal notes or things that really stick out about a guest. 

When you manage a lot of properties it can be hard to find the time to review every guest, but it is important to do this after each departure.  Make this process simpler by creating a few templates that you can use repeatedly.  They don’t need to be lengthy, just a few lines are all you need.  For example: 


“Great guest – I’d welcome him/her back to my property any time.  He/she left things incredibly clean and tidy.  I’d recommend (Name) to any host.  (Name) was respectful of the house rules and was easy to communicate with.  Welcome back anytime!”  


If you are interesting in learning more about the importance of reviewing guests, check out this article from Airbnb!