Business is great! But are you capturing maximum revenue?

By June 23, 2021 June 8th, 2022 Owner Acquisition, Strategy

With the 2021 summer season in full swing, most vacation rental companies are experiencing unprecedented — and even astronomically high — occupancy and revenue. The success of our industry is the envy of the entire hospitality sector. But ask yourself: are you making the most out of each and every booking? Are you using the strength of your brand to lure in even more rental inventory? 


This summer, Bluetent experts have been busy helping our Insiders accomplish two revenue goals: increasing income per reservation and acquiring more homeowners. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled to help you make the most of our industry’s sky-rocketing popularity. 


Increasing revenue per reservation


Did you know that for every $1000 dollars spent on lodging, visitors spend an additional $400 on activities? Don’t miss out on those extra dollars! 


Promote add-ons and packages on your website 

Once a traveler has invested the money in visiting a destination, they’re going to start thinking about what they want to do while they’re there. Whether you highlight zipline tours, beach cruiser rentals, grocery delivery, or romantic getaway packages, make sure your website has a page for add-ons and packages to enhance the vacationers’ experience. 


Capitalize on traveler excitement with pre-arrival emails 

If a traveler doesn’t book additional services right when they book their rental, you can still capture their attention by sending an automated pre-arrival email. Time your message to hit their inbox right when their excitement about the upcoming vacation is at its peak. Lead them back to your guest services page so they can decide how to take their experience to the next level. 


Acquiring new homeowners 


Increasing your inventory increases your revenue! Here are some ideas to attract new homeowners to your brand. 


Create property management content on your website 

Research shows that homeowners looking for representation often search for “property management” not “vacation rental management.” Make your website has a property management services page that highlights the value of your brand. Think about including information such as: years in business, involvement with your community, a bullet list of standard services, inventory types or locations that are your specialties, and — of course — testimonials from happy clients. 


Capture contact info from visitors to your property management page 

Capturing homeowner information can be as simple as including a contact form link on your property management web page. You can go a step further and see higher conversion rates by using thoughtful pop-up windows instead.  

When designing your pop-up, there are two crucial details to bear in mind:  

  • Deploy your pop-up on your property management page and deploy it only when the website visitor is about to exit the page — don’t interrupt a user while they are actively interacting with your site.  
  • Make sure your pop-up offers valuable content for homeowners when they sign up.  


Send a property-management-specific automated email campaign  

What relevant content should you share with subscribers who are interested in your property management services? And how do you share it? After sending a confirmation email welcoming the homeowner to your list, follow up by sending a automated series of educational emails. This is your time to shine: each email’s content should reflect your professionalism and feature one clear value of partnering with your unique brand. And remember, each email should always include a link to schedule a consultation with a representative of your company. The easier it is for a homeowner to schedule an appointment, the higher your conversion rate will be!  


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