Boost revenue through effective email marketing 

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How to find hidden revenue through rental insurance upsell and email marketing tips


Email marketing is one of the most misunderstood yet highly effective marketing tactics property managers can use to communicate with their audience. With email campaign tools, you have direct access to an already captive audience.


Conveniently, emails provide a natural touchpoint between you and your guests, making email a perfect means for communicating new sales and promotions.


While email marketing gives you the flexibility to communicate many different upsell information, upselling travel insurance via email is an easy (and effective!) place to begin.


Making simple yet impactful tweaks to your email marketing strategy can have a powerful impact on your revenue, provided you execute it thoughtfully.

Here’s how:

Identify your email marketing strategy


Email marketing consists of more than just stay-cycle emails and batch-and-blast newsletters.


When it comes to running a successful email marketing campaign for your vacation rental business, it’s crucial to start by identifying the best email marketing strategy for your business. By clearly defining your goals and objectives, you can tailor your email content to maximize conversions and boost revenue.


To promote upsells like travel insurance, consider creating a dedicated segment of your email list consisting of guests who have already booked their stay. This segment presents a prime opportunity to engage with guests who have already shown interest in your rentals.


Craft targeted email campaigns that highlight the benefits of travel insurance, such as peace of mind, protection against unforeseen circumstances, and the convenience of a comprehensive coverage package.


By focusing on the value proposition and addressing potential concerns, you can effectively communicate the benefits of travel insurance and increase the chances of conversions.

Personalize their experience


One of the key advantages of email marketing is its ability to provide personalized experiences for your audience. When promoting upsells like travel insurance, personalization becomes even more critical.


Make use of your email software to include the recipients’ name, booked property, and travel dates. This personalization (even if it’s automated using tokens or tags) shows that you understand your guest.


Segmentation can further personalize audience emails and increase the chances of conversion.


For example, if you have a segment of guests who frequently book family-friendly rentals, emphasize the importance of travel insurance when traveling with children. Highlight the coverage options that specifically cater to families, such as medical emergencies or trip cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.

Reach your audience at the right time


Timing is crucial in email marketing, especially when it comes to promoting the benefits of adding travel insurance.


Rather than bombarding guests with upsell offers immediately after they’ve made a reservation, schedule your email sends at the right time during your guests’ travel planning process.


By strategically sending emails after they book but before the deadline to add insurance, you can capture their attention when they are actively considering travel-related expenses.


Send a follow-up email shortly after guests have confirmed their booking but before their stay begins. This email can serve as a reminder and an opportunity to upsell travel insurance by highlighting its benefits in relation to their upcoming trip. Emphasize how travel insurance provides protection against unexpected events that could disrupt their plans, such as flight cancellations, medical emergencies, or unforeseen circumstances at the destination.

Scale your campaigns with ease


The vacation rental industry relies on easily scalable processes that allow property managers to grow their business.


Email campaigns allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively reach your audience while maintaining a high level of personalization. Unlike traditional advertising channels, email marketing saves you money while delivering a high ROI.


Consider utilizing marketing automation tools that enable you to set up automated email workflows. These workflows can trigger targeted emails at specific stages of the customer journey, ensuring timely and relevant communication.


By setting up templates and predefined segments, you can easily scale your email campaigns to reach a large audience without compromising the personalized touch. Such automation tools also provide analytics and reporting features, allowing you to track the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven optimizations.

Bottom line

In conclusion, email marketing is an effective strategy for promoting upsells like travel insurance in the vacation rental industry.


By identifying your email marketing strategy, personalizing the experience, reaching your audience at the right time, providing actionable ways to achieve goals, and scaling your campaigns with ease, you can effectively communicate the benefits of travel insurance and boost your revenue streams.


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