Client Spotlight for October: The Gant Aspen

By October 25, 2013Strategy

October’s Client Spotlight is The Gant Aspen, who decided last spring to fully revamp their online marketing efforts to increase ROI, conversion rates and customer loyalty by enhancing the website user experience and optimizing for both desktop and mobile devices.

As Aspen’s premier condominium resort, The Gant desired a site that would appeal to the needs and emotions of their sophisticated and diverse international audience.  Our design and development team worked with The Gant to create an elegant website that highlights and enhances the branding and positioning of the resort in the competitive Aspen marketplace.

In tandem with a chic design, The Gant also requested a feature-rich website that seamlessly passes information to their reservation and customer management system. As a result of these efforts, The Gant has more opportunities to improve guest retention and loyalty, better track marketing performance and ROI, as well as expand capabilities to strengthen and augment the future needs of their SEO and other online and offline strategies.

 A few of the most noteworthy features of the site:

  • Developed using Responsive Design – The site is built on responsive design so guests and prospects can access from any device from smartphones to mini tablets to desktops, and the like — a must have when recent studies have shown 30+% of hotel booking today are happening on mobile devices.

  • Sophisticated Branding/Theming – The prominence of this Aspen brand was placed at the forefront of all design and theming decisions so the site is cohesive and visually attractive down to the custom social media icons.

  • Informative Accommodations Page – With three distinct room types, The Gant’s accommodations page required a straightforward and informative layout to better merchandise their offering.  The page offers an overview of all three, floorplans and links to further details which provide a clean photo gallery and amenity listing of each type of accommodation.

  • Community Hub for Area Events – The Gant’s events section was designed with guest’s interests and questions  in mind, providing helpful recommendations for their Aspen vacation and at the same time providing for some SEO benefits.

  • Interactive Map – Integrated with Google Maps, the map provides helpful pinpoints for area activities and events.  The team at the Gant has control to update and revise as needed.

  • Gallery – Located in one of the most preeminent mountain resort locations in the world , The Gant’s gallery simple elegance showcases the immense beauty and ever expanding recreational opportunities available.

In addition to establishing a new marketing foundation with their website, The Gant updated their Email Marketing campaign to reflect the new digital presence.  Their eNewsletter template is now viewable on all screen sizes and the design is inline with the sophistication of their site.  With more than 4 out of 5 decision makers reading emails from their mobile devices having a responsive template is essential.  The Gant definitely saw demand and successfully addressed the changing mobile environment.

The transformation is incredible and The Gant has a lot to be proud of – Congratulations!gantintext23

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