Don’t be scared of pop-ups

By October 25, 2021 Strategy, Websites
spooky pop ups

With Halloween just days away, we’re entering the spookiest time of year.

What better time to talk about a scary topic like webpage pop-ups? 


Because of their poor reputation, pop-ups are unfortunately frequently written off as an ineffective means of collecting information online. However, the experts at Bluetent are here to tell you: with the right tools, the right data, and the right team, pop-ups can be an essential — and unobtrusive — way to grow your subscriber list, attract new homeowners, and create lifelong guests.  


There’s probably not a single internet user who has escaped the annoyance of clumsy, distracting pop-up messages that ruin the online experience — especially when using a mobile device. It seems as though every Bluetent Insider, when first invited by our experts to consider using pop-ups on their website, is dead set against it.  


We asked one Insider, who now proudly uses pop-ups to collect information from their website visitors, what made their company take the leap: “We were anti pop-up for a very long time, I’ll say that first of all. But the fact that with our Bluetent website we have the ability to dictate what pages the pop-up shows on — that flexibility offered as far as when the pop-up will show and where it will show — was the selling factor as far as we were concerned.” 

Simply put: Bad pop-ups are annoying. Good pop-ups convert. 


According to one of Team Bluetent’s experts, “At the end of the day, pop-ups convert at a much, MUCH higher rate than a sign-up form on a webpage header or footer… in every case. Across the board, I can’t give you a single example where an onsite web form is converting at a higher rate than a pop-up.” 


So what makes a good pop-up? Here are a few tips from our team: 

Use “exit intent” pop-ups

With the customizations and flexibilities available in Bluetent’s pop-up tool, you can make sure your pop-ups don’t drive website visitors away. With an exit intent pop-up, the viewer is already on their way out and the pop up appears and says “hey, before you leave, do you want to sign up to get more information?”  


Pay attention to best practices

Another benefit to Bluetent’s highly adjustable pop-up tool is that you can always address the most up-to-date best practices as defined by Google. For instance, while you might choose a ‘true’ pop-up for your desktop site, our experts can help you deploy a less intrusive — and more Google friendly — pop-up for your mobile site. 


Let your data be your guide

Team Bluetent will use the data capability of our pop-up tool — along with information from Google Analytics — to illuminate any changes in the way website visitors interact with your site, and whether that behavior could be attributed to deploying a pop-up. For example, if your bounce rate increases a bit after adding a pop-up, our experts will see that reflected in the data and make adjustments.  

In conclusion, pop-ups really aren’t that scary after all. Once you realize they are all “treat” and no “trick,” you’ll be using them to acquire contact information at a recognizably higher rate than you ever achieved through the “connect with us” form on your website.


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