DrupalCon 2012 – Day 1

By March 20, 2012 April 3rd, 2014 Websites

Greetings from DrupalCon Denver 2012! We have many feet on the ground today soaking up all the Drupal knowledge flowing through the Colorado Convention Center.

There are over 3,000 Drupalists in attendance today from all over world! I have talked to people from every corner of the globe. It’s amazing to see how big the Drupal community is when we all gather in the Colorado Convention Center.

Today’s big theme has been making Drupal responsive, or making Drupal flexible to size and function on any screen size. Any device or screen from a tiny cell phone up to a 60″ touch screen television. Dries even hinted during his keynote that Drupal 8 could have many “responsive” features baked into core. Another big announcement was that Symfony will play a bigger role than previously expected in Drupal 8 – tentatively due to be released on August 2013.

The future of “Responsive” design looks amazing – and as mobile continue it’s explosive growth – responsive design will continue to become more important. Can you imagine a site that can detect how much sunlight is shining on your laptop and adjusting the design to be visible in the glare? How about a site that can measure the speed of your browser and send you images based on the speed of your connection. These are just a few things being developed for the exciting future of “responsive” design.

Another big theme today is making our sites faster. The Drupal community (and the Internet industry) is hard at work speeding up many aspects of web sites. Everything from page load times to site prefetching. The community is also making new tools and framework so that we can build and deploy much faster!

The future of Drupal is looking strong and excitng… and this is just day 1. Stay tuned to the Blue Tent blog for more news and details from DrupalCon 2012.

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