Email strategies for attracting travelers wary of rising gas prices

By June 30, 2022 Content, Email, News, Strategy
When it comes to helping Bluetent Insiders with creative email marketing ideas, Director of Email Marketing, Eric Taylor, is the man for the job. Here are a few email tips Eric has to help Insiders combat the effect of higher gas prices.

Segment your email send list to target travelers most interested in what you are offering:

  • Geo-target based on those on your database who are within driving distance.
  • Target past guests who don’t have a future reservation and stayed during the same time frame.
  • Add personalization to these emails to reference their previous stay (ex: first name, property name, vacation dates) to show you know your guests and understand their preferences.

Incentivize your email:

  • Offer gas gift cards, “We’ll pay your gas”, by offering a gift card (ex $50) to a local gas station (also supports local business).
  • Add a discount/promo code to help push those on the fences. Even if it’s a small percentage, the perception of receiving a deal can make a big difference.

Promote weeks that need more business:

  • Link to your rental search page¬†with these dates pre-filled (see image).
  • Include the number of properties with remaining availability to express a sense of urgency and also adds a positive social proof element “all those other folks are doing it.”
  • Promote open properties. You can sort by location or amenities “oceanfront, pet-friendly, pool.”

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