How to get your owner acquisition marketing campaign off the ground

By July 7, 2022 July 29th, 2022 Owner Acquisition, Strategy

Owner Acquisition Marketing

if you are not actively communicating with potential homeowners, you can be certain that your competition is

When it comes to onboarding new homeowners, maybe your business strategy is to wait for the phone to ring or for an inquiry to hit your email inbox. Maybe your company is well-established, and you can rely on word of mouth and referrals. Maybe you feel like you don’t need to ‘work’ for homeowner leads. Any or all of those statements may be true for your business but remember: if you are not actively communicating with potential homeowners, you can be certain that your competition is.  


When you are communicating with potential new homeowners (just as when as you are connecting with travelers, past guests, or current homeowners), conveying your company’s goals, mission, passion, and services is the most important thing you can do to ensure a positive impression. Be your brand’s advocate and best storyteller: share your love for this industry, the joy of welcoming new vacationers each week — and highlight your hardworking team members that are the backbone of your business. Whatever your audience, these types of messages instill trust and build the framework of a lasting relationship.  


So how do you step up your homeowner acquisition efforts and get your message across? Where do you start? And most importantly, where do you find the time and resources to put your plan into action? The expertise of a team like Bluetent might be the solution you’re looking for.  


Check out what Century 21 New Horizon (Ocean City, Maryland) did when changes to their market created the perfect opportunity to implement a homeowner acquisition strategy.  

Owner Acquisition Marketing Steps


Kim Looney, owner of Century 21 New Horizon, observed that large numbers of homeowners in her market of Ocean City, Maryland, were expressing dissatisfaction with big name property managers moving into the area. Kim reached out to her Bluetent Strategic Account Manager, Chelsea, who saw the opportunity for Kim to market her locally-owned, established business to homeowners looking for a change.

On an exploratory call, Chelsea and other Bluetent experts met with Kim and her team to develop value propositions and collaborate on content for a direct-mail postcard campaign targeting potential new owners.

Once talking points were solidified and content perfected, Bluetent’s design team went to work. They efficiently delivered a series of professional and personalized postcard mailers that formed the foundation of Kim’s owner outreach campaign.

With approved designs and final files in hand, Kim had her postcards output at her favorite local print shop, had her team address and stamp them when printed, and then put them in the mail.

Shortly after the postcards were delivered, the phone started ringing!

To maintain the significant momentum and buzz created from her first postcard send, Kim has stayed true to her strategy and continues to deliver personalized postcards to potential new owners on a routine basis.

It’s important to note, when marketing to owners, the current hotter-than-ever market is different than what it was a few years ago — and your marketing needs to be different, too. Because properties are changing hands more frequently and new owners are entering the market at a breakneck pace, you can’t assume that the owners you once marketed to are the ones you will market to today. With that in mind, you need to have a consistent, ongoing owner acquisition strategy.  


Also, it’s imperative that you don’t rely on an old list: make sure that you are pulling fresh, updated data each time you prepare for a direct-mail campaign. There is nothing worse than putting time, effort, and money into a beautiful, impactful mailer that delivers to people who are no longer your target market.  


If you are interested in implementing a homeowner acquisition marketing campaign in your market – connect with our team and let us know how we can help!

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