Team Shout-out for August: Brynn Flaherty!

By August 27, 2013 May 12th, 2014 Strategy

This month Blue Tent sat down with Brynn Flaherty, an SEO expert, strategic consultant and all around dominator in online marketing!

BTM: What’s the last website you visited? 

BF: – the most wonderful time of the year!

BTM: What did you do on your last vacation?

BF: Trekked to Everest Base Camp – trip of  a lifetime!

BTM: Items on Your Bucket list –

 BF: Just crossed off Nepal. Next on the bucket list, viewing an epic match at Wimbledon and a visit to Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

BTM: Favorite documentary –

BF: The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Amazing.

BTM: One sport you wish you had time for –

BF: Hockey, I’ve always wanted to play.

BTM: A secret clients should know about you (true or false) –

BF: I may or may not be able to whistle through my nose.

BTM: Favorite aspect of your role –

BF: Getting to work with clients from every part of the country that all have unique challenges and goals. And the fact that no day is ever the same!

BTM: One vice –

BF: Poutine – a Canadian dish of french fries smothered in brown gravy and cheese curds. What’s not to love about that?

BTM: Favorite libation –

BF: IPA beer.

BTM: How do you use flex time?

BF: Hiking and powder days. Pray for snow!

BTM: If you could work remotely from anywhere, where would it be?

BF: An overwater hut in Bora Bora. But I probably wouldn’t get much work done…

BTM: Favorite way to unwind –

BF: Yoga, spending time in nature, or listening to records.

BTM: Favorite place in the world –

BF: The backcountry surrounding the Roaring Fork Valley – this is paradise.

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