A New Role but A Trusted Name | Words from Maria Beam, Our Digital Art Director

By July 28, 2016Strategy

Bluetent has always held our software/product to the highest standards of functional excellence. As the new Digital Art Director, I look forward to extending those quality standards beyond how well our software works, to how it ‘feels’, the User Experience. User Experience is design, information architecture, and content strategy, founded on a profound psychological study of your user’s needs, desires, and values.


In a rapidly ever-evolving digital space, users continue to demand experiences that are performant, immersive, and intuitive. Their learned behaviors and expectations change as the landscape of mobile/app and touch-interfaces mature. It is important to evaluate continually the way users are engaging with your digital brand, navigating content, and consuming data. Every touch, behavior, interaction a user has with a client’s website serves to craft perceptions about their brand, and either builds or corrodes trust.


My mission is to elevate our software/product to the next level by crafting User Experiences that are beautiful, responsive, and in line with our clients’ business goals as well as users’ expectations. An informed and mindful design process using data, analytics, user testing tools, and the incredibly smart people I’m honored to collaborate with from our Digital Marketing Services department will determine these experiences.


I’ve worked in the digital travel & vacation rental industry for 6+ years with my role ranging from front-end developer to UX consultant, to digital brand strategist, to an award-winning designer. I have built, collaborated, and consulted on hundreds of VR, Real Estate, and Destination websites. My nature drives me to connect and to ask the hard and often expensive questions. I am honored and excited to take on this new position, and bring a stratum of excellence and trust to our offerings, our clients, and our users.

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