New: Dancing Bear Aspen

We’re excited to announce the newly redesigned and redeveloped Dancing Bear Aspen website! We worked closely with the team at Timbers Resorts, Compass Marketing and Dancing Bear Aspen to produce the site on a very tight timeline. We launched the site just in time for the 30th Annual Food & Wine Festival in Aspen, Colorado – an event that marks the beginning of the bustling summer season.

The website is built on Drupal and features gorgeous photography amidst a clean, elegant design. Key features of the site include an interactive calendarphoto galleries and video galleries. The primary objective of the site is to sell Aspen fractional ownership interests in the Dancing Bear Aspen private residence club. Therefore, lead generation and campaign tracking are critical functionality – thus we integrated the site with Google Analytics, call tracking, and the contact forms pass custom campaign tracking data through to CRM systems.

The site was developed with flexibility, customization and conversions in mind. The Dancing Bear Aspen team can add custom calls-to-action (CTA) to any page on the site with unique links and custom text in the CTAs.  The CTAs are automatically styled with buttons and treatments that are consistent with the CTAs throughout the site. For example, the following is a custom CTA that automaticaly overlays the slideshow on the ownership page “Own At Dancing Bear Aspen | Contact Us.”

 Another example is the “Schedule A Guest Visit” red button that can be inserted into the body area of any page, pictured below from the Photo Gallery page.

Congratulations to the teams at Dancing Bear Aspen, Compass Marketing, and especially Timbers Resorts, one of our long-standing partners.  We’ve worked countless projects together and look forward to the next exicting project to come!

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