Success Story: LYRICSnMUSIC

By January 8, 2013 April 14th, 2014 SEO | Inbound Marketing, Strategy

The New Recruit: A lyric and music search engine for music people by music

The Warm-Up: The Lyrics N Music website allows visitors to search for song lyrics, view YouTube music videos, search for upcoming music tours and share what they like on their social media sites. Over 2.3 million URLs were submitted to search engines, but Google was only crawling approximately 1,600 URLs. Traffic was flat with no growth.

The Goal Line: The client’s goals were clearly defined: Get the search engines to find and crawl more URLs. Increase keyword ranking for their top long tail keywords.

The Game Plan: After reviewing the site’s architecture and functionality, we recommended several changes to the navigation structure to allow search engines better access to deeper pages on the site. Certain design changes were proposed to increase stickiness since visitors could too easily leave the site resulting in a higher-than-expected bounce rate.

Reviewing content usefulness, interest alignment, quality and share-ability, our suggestions aimed at improving the content quality and simplifying the share functionality across the site.

From a purely SEO perspective, we analyzed accessibility, keyword targeting, content optimization and link authority. Several modifications were suggested to improve the way search engines find pages on the site. By examining competitor sites, we could better judge what needed to be done from a ranking and linking perspective.


Scoreboard: Another winner! While it’s still early in the game, Google is now indexing over 168,000 URLs, up from 1,600 URLs and that number rises daily. Targeted keywords are ranking higher in the SERPs resulting in a substantial increase in visitor traffic to the website. As indicated in the graph above, total organic search visits are up 236% compared to the same period prior to our assessment and still rising steadily.

So the next time Braeden’s scouring the web for the lyrics to some obscure Phish tune, hopefully Google will send him straight to the source on the Lyrics N Music website.

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