California VRMA Roadshow

By January 30, 2013 April 14th, 2014 Strategy

We received a message from Sam today, who is on the road for us in SoCal. The California Vacation Rental Management Association (CA VRMA) tours to three locations for presentations, community building and knowledge exchange. Sam represents Blue Tent on this premiere of the “CA VRMA roadshow.”

Sam: “We had a nice turn out for our first presentation in Newport Beach California. We had some great presentations from Point Central, National VRMA, CSA Travel Insurance, California VRMA, and of course Blue Tent! We even had the opportunity to allow one of the local vacation rental companies, Burr White Realty present their findings on the impact of vacation rentals in the Newport Beach area. It was great to hear about local issues, how they were tackling those issues, along with some great feedback from other local companies.

It was an exciting event that was unique because we decided to actually hold it in an actual vacation home. It didn’t hurt that the home was located right on the beach and we ended it all with an AMAZING sunset!

Day two consisted of a ferry ride over to Catalina Island (pictured here). We were able to meet with the nice folks of Catalina Island Vacation Rentals who so kindly allowed us to tour a part of the island in our very own CIVR golf cart!

Today we are in Palm Springs at another fantastic vacation home where we’ll get an opportunity to do it all over again with several great local companies in the vacation rental industry. Tomorrow we’ll do some onsite visits of those companies then head off to Big Bear for a third and final event.

It’s been a great trip so far I can’t wait for our tour of Napa Valley, Monterrey, and South Lake Tahoe!”

Sounds like an awesome experience. Congratulations to CA VRMA and safe travels to all of you! 



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