Team Shout-out for June: Colin O’Brien

By May 27, 2014Team

The Tent: What is the last website you visited?

The Tent: Where did you spend your last vacation?

Anna Maria Island, Florida with my wife and kids

The Tent: Publications or blogs you read on a daily basis.


The Tent: Items on your Bucket List.

  • Paddle the Green River and through the Grand Canyon.
  • Take a year off and spend it reading and writing and going for walks to nowhere in particular.
  • Record an album of my own music.
  • And of course there are a kajillion places I would like to travel to.

The Tent: Books on your nightstand?

  • The Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Zizek
  • War and Peace in the Global Village, Marshall McLuhan
  • The Secret Teaching of All Ages, Manly P. Hall
  • Along with about a dozen others. I think they have been sitting there since before I had kids.

The Tent: Favorite Documentary.

Exit through the gift shop, Helvetica, The Century of the Self

The Tent: One lesson from childhood you still live by today.

Any job worth doing, is worth doing well.

The Tent: You would never leave home without…

Mustache wax and a mustache comb.

The Tent: What’s for dinner tonight?

Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust, gorgonzola, capicola, & arugula

The Tent: One sport you wish you had time for.


The Tent: Day to day routine at Blue Tent.

Since I mostly work from home, its usually all over the map, depending on what household crisis is or isn’t happening. Sometimes I escape to the library or the coffee shop, or I’ll put in a couple hours after everyone goes to bed. But mostly, I try to have a couple espressos early, jam some straight hours manipulating bits and striving for pixel perfection and try to work in an exercise break in the afternoon.

The Tent: Favorite aspect of your role

I want to make the web a more beautiful and user friendly place. I love banishing crummy designs and poor user experiences, love problem solving, taking on challenges, being creative and staying on the cutting edge. I love the wide variety of projects that I am able to work on and working with other smart and talented people.

The Tent: One vice.

Words with Friends

The Tent: Favorite libation.

Espresso in the am, Pellegrino and lime in the evening

The Tent: How do you use flex time?

Spending it with the kids.

The Tent: If you could work remotely from anywhere, where would it be?

San Francisco or New York or maybe Kaua’i

The Tent: Favorite way to unwind.

Play piano or guitar, a euro board game with the kids, or trip to Orvis with the lovely wife.

The Tent: If you could meet one person, past, present or future, who would it be?


The Tent: Favorite place in the world.

Liard Hot Springs in B.C. A close second would be the Kenai Peninsula. Western Colorado is pretty dang good though!

The Tent: Three words coworkers would use to describe you.

Dude, nice stache!

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