Tips for great listings on VRBO

By January 17, 2023 Distribution

Listing tips from VRBO 

Listing your vacation rental on VRBO can be highly beneficial if done correctly. With the right strategies and tips, you can maximize your ROI, increase bookings and improve performance. This article will discuss some of the most important tips for listing your vacation rental on VRBO, such as distribution and marketing strategies to ensure your property reaches its full potential. We will also discuss how to measure the performance of your listing and how to maximize ROI from it. 

There has been lots of talk about the increased supply of vacation rental properties in the market. Now, more than ever, you want to be sure your listings have all the right ingredients to capture guests’ attention and encourage them to book.  The team at VRBO has put together some great tips to help you create high-performing listings.  You can see these here: VRBO Tools – Property Listing 


VRBO Key Search Results Stats

VRBO has also passed along some key stats to help understand search results for listings on their platform.  These include: 

  • Photos are the NUMBER ONE reason a guest selects or does not select a property in the search results 
  • Having over 20 photos increases trust by 88% 
  • Nearly 25% of all travelers filtered their vacation rental search for one of these items in June 2020 alone: [kitchen, television, wireless internet, parking, and/or pet allowed] 
  • 85% of guests say price is the most important factor when deciding to book 
  • Properties with only one fee see 30% higher conversion than properties with three fees 
  • 77% of travelers are more likely to book a rental with flexible cancellation policies  
  • 49% of travelers consider a flexible cancellation policy extremely important  
  • Travelers are filtering out less flexible policies (i.e., using the “free cancellation” filter)  
  • Listings with relaxed cancellation policies see more bookings 
  • 92% of guests want to see reviews before booking 
  • On average, properties with 10 or more reviews have a higher conversion rate of more than 50%