[Webinar Recording] August 2022 Owner Acquisition Playbook

owner acquisition marketing strategy planning playbook

How to get your Homeowner Acquisition Marketing Plan off the ground

Inside the Tent Bluetent Webinar | August 2022



When it comes to onboarding new homeowners, maybe your business strategy is to wait for the phone to ring or for an inquiry to hit your email inbox. Maybe your company is well-established, and you can rely on word of mouth and referrals. Maybe you feel like you don’t need to ‘work’ for homeowner leads. Any or all of those statements may be true for your business but remember: if you are not actively communicating with potential homeowners, you can be certain that your competition is.


Join Bluetent as we bring you information that will help get your owner acquisition marketing campaign off the ground and ultimately boost your business!


Watch the recording of this webinar below!

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