[White paper] The Google Trifecta

Ned Lucks, Chief Technology Officer at Bluetent, likes to say, “If you’re not on the first page of the internet, you’re not on the internet.” He’s right. With modern travelers becoming increasingly internet savvy — and accustomed to finding accurate information quickly and easily — ensuring that your brand appears on the first page of Google search results is more important than ever.


Fortunately for vacation rental companies, there are now three distinct opportunities to get their brand on that first page. “With a thoughtful, diverse marketing plan including digital advertising, SEO, and a connection to Google Vacation Rentals, it’s entirely possible for a vacation rental brand to appear three times on the first page of Google search results,” says Bluetent’s Marketing Services Director, Brynn Flaherty, “and that’s The Google Trifecta.”


Let’s dig a little deeper into the three elements of The Trifecta and how you can use them to maximize your visibility on Google — use the form below to download the white paper.

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