5 Minute Social – Facebook’s Partner Categories and News from YouTube and Instagram

By June 3, 2013Social

Facebook’s Partner Categories

Acxiom Partner Category all optionsFacebook added an array of new targeting options, which are accessible in Facebook’s Power Editor as Partner Categories. The name-giving “partners” are Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon. The (cost-free) use of their databases allows Facebook advertisers to strategically target their ads. Let me list a few examples! You can serve your ads to: Upscale department store credit card users, people who take casino vacations, dog owners, runners, folks who are likely to buy a new luxury SUV … At the moment, there are about 500 options available. Explore all Facebook Partner Categories on the BTM blog.

YouTube’s Trends Map and Paid ChannelsYouTube Trends Map

YouTube released a couple of interesting innovations with their Trends Map and Paid Channels. The newly introduced YouTube Trends Map helps you to discover viral videos by area, gender and age. Useful, if you want to get a sense of trending topics in your target groups. YouTube Paid Channels deliver high-quality videos on a wide array of interests. Both are fairly self-explanatory, so I encourage you to take a quick peek on your own. The channels could provide some interesting new advertising opportunities in the future. Stay tuned for more applications and opportunities.

Instagram’s Photos of You

The picture sharing platform, Instagram, launched a new sharing feature. Similar to Facebook, you can now tag people in images. Additionally, Instagram enabled the ability to tag companies. Find out more about how businesses can take advantage of the new Instagram Photos of You functionality.

Pay with a single “word”

People commenting "Buy" on FacebookHere is a social media innovation to keep an eye on: Chirpify enables payments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram through “commenting.” Music companies were early adopters: for example, when releaseing a new album on Facebook, people who were signed up with Chirpify could purchase the product simply by typing the word “buy” into the comment field. The platform also works for donation collections and give-away contests. Chirpify seems to be in their early stages, but its functionality possibilities shed some light on the future of social media transactions.

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