5 Minute Social – Pinterest Price Notifications, Facebook #’s and social web embeds

By August 16, 2013 April 2nd, 2014 Social

Pinterest Price Drop Notifications

Many people use Pinterest to visualize their dreams and plans and it seems to be no turnoff that many of these dreams come with a price tag. In fact, there are millions of pins out there that show a product’s price and those pictures get shared as often as those without tags. Now,Pinterest will send their users an email alert whenever the price for a pinned product drops. What an opportunity!

Instagram Web Embeds / Facebook Embedded Posts

Web embeds for social posts are a new trend. Instagram made the start. You can now easily grab a posted picture’s embed code and drop into your blog, for example. Learn aboutInstagram’s Web Embeds here. Facebook announced to role out Embedded Posts to everyone soon. For the moment, the function is only available to selected publishing houses.

Facebook #Hashtags 

Hashtags have been in use on other social media platforms for a long time. If you mark a word with #, it turns into a clickable link. That makes it possible for unconnected people to join a discussion around a trending topic, or to discover related content around their interests. Now Facebook introduced hashtags for their own platform. If used in a clever manner, they can help to increase your page’s reach. Here is a series of suggestions for Facebook Hashtag Marketing.

Facebook’s Graph Search

Here’s just a quick note that Facebook’s Graph Search is rolled out to all English US Facebook pages now. What does this mean for your companies social media efforts? – It is simply a reminder of the continuing importance of being social. Because now, people will receive more and more search results on Facebook based on recommendations by their friends. Your followers’ “Likes” become one of your strongest selling points.

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