5 Quick Tips to Engage Your Guests this Summer with a Social Contest

By July 13, 2015Social, Strategy

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to connect with your audience and have some fun! Social contests are an excellent way to drive traffic to your site, increase followers, generate engagement, and start a conversation about your brand. Plus, they are affordable and a great opportunity to collect user-generated content like photos and videos while building your email list.

Here are a few quick tips to create a successful social contest:

  1. Choose a Goal – what are you hoping to achieve with the contest?
  2. Pick a Prize – what will you give away to the winner/s? Some choose to offer smaller giveaways throughout the contest, with a Grand Prize awarded at the end.
  3. Get Creative! – Think of a clever concept that will set you apart and will make your audience excited to participate.
  4. Promote Across all Social Channels – The more eyes on your contest, the better, so make sure to announce on all your social accounts and pay to promote the content throughout the contest to fans and potential new guests/customers.
  5. Remember to Keep it Short and Sweet – Identify a run-time for your contest that will achieve your goals while keeping it exciting, relevant, and timely.
  6. Track your Progress – Measure the data and results captured from the contest and use this to optimize contests in the future.

Short on Time? Bluetent can help!

If you are interested in running a contest but don’t have the time, let us know. Our social team would love to help set up and run a successful contest for you! We will work with you to define the most creative concept while implementing best practices and tracking success!

Here are a few items we provide:

  • Custom-designed landing page on your website
  • Custom URL for promotion
  • Facebook tab with contest landing page
  • Form to collect names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Research on contest hashtag and hashtag implementation
  • Voting widget and social integrations
  • Software with user account to manage entries and collect content
  • Training and recommendations for contest management
  • Official contest rules
  • Analytics for views of the contest, entries, website traffic, etc.
  • Social advertising (add-on)

Contact our Team!

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